Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Extra shop update TOMORROW, Thursday, AT 3:00 PM!!


I'm doing the update a little differently this time around. It will start at 3:00PM tomorrow, Thursday the 1st of September, in the shop. I am hoping that the later time will allow some people to shop who normally don't get a chance to. We shall see how that works.

The pieces shown above and below were made from a mold I made of one half of an antique buckle.


I love the asymmetrical design!


This is fun pile of textured round pendants. No two are alike!


For some reason I only made five of these ginkgo leaf pieces. I think I got fidgety when I was making them, but seeing them now makes me wish I had made more.


Hearts! I heart them!


These are the kind of pieces that are much more complicated to make than they look. I'll give you a hint...they were NOT made with a mold or a stamp....


Small pile of large shards...


A close-up of another small pile of large shards... LOVE the design and detail in these pieces!!


Lastly I have these large Scarab Beetle pendants.


They are cool. :)

Don't forget! The update will take place tomorrow (Thursday!) at 3:00pm EST. That's 3:00PM in the shop! Hope to see you there!


Deborah said...

Love, love love the beetles. Great job on all the pieces as always though Nancy. I need to win the lottery :)

Gigi said...

As always you just blow me away with your artwork. I hope that I can get to my computer to order at least a beetle or two and perhaps a extra little morsel if I'm lucky. Wonder if my Dr. is going to mind if I put a hold on our visit while I log on...maybe not, it's worth a shot. ;)

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Oh my goodness, I just found your blog through Melinda Orr's blog and I just love your components! Such simple beauty. Glad I popped by!

Shel said...

I just dream of having one of everything!! :)

Kelly said...

Wow. The beetles are so cool. Everything is just lovely.

Shelley Whiting said...

Love the beetle. It has a beautiful antique look to it. Very cool and beautiful.