Monday, May 23, 2011

Extra Shop Update on Wednesday!

Gothic Points - Porcelain Components

What say we start this blog post off with with a big old fat apology. I feel like I have been doing that a lot lately, apologizing. Generally speaking I try to keep my private life private (thus the name...), but sometimes life gets a little messy and it starts to interfere with my business. This would be one of those times. I guess you could say that I am in a bit of a transition period. It's a good thing, a little scary, but good. I've gotten behind in my shipping and correspondence and for that I am sorry. I promise to get my act together and get back on track very soon.

Soooo... on to the Extra update preview! All of these pieces will be in the shop on Wednesday starting at noon EST. First up are these ultra Gothic pointed components.

Gothic Points - Porcelain Components

There is a great deal of detail in these pieces. And... there are four holes. Most of you probably know my motto by now: more holes means more options! (You know you love that motto. Secretly.) I envision this piece hanging vertically, with drips of vintage chain draped from side to side and asymmetrically up one side. There is a definite religious feel going on so the addition of some antique rosary beads would be perfect.

Owl Mini Porcelain Charm

Yep. Mini owl charms. :)

Cherry Blossom - Porcealin Components

These cherry blossom pendants come from my own jewelry line. What's not to love?

Porcealin Bee Jewelry Components

I'm really digging these bees. I've used bees and other bugs in my own work for years and they always get attention. I made these pieces with four holes so not only do they make great connectors but they would also work really well in a bracelet.

Porcealin Bee Jewelry Components

They have a wonderful sculptural quality.

two sided, handbuilt porcelain bee bead

I loved the bees so much I made a two-sided pillow bead version. These are chunky and damn near perfect. :)

Two sided, handbuilt porcelain bee bead

I wanted to share with you my latest color combination obsession. Pink and golden yellow. Years ago I visited Paris and this color mix was everywhere. Large bouquets of fresh flowers in soft sugar pink, warm yellow and lavender left quite an impression on me. Hope you like it as much as I do.

The update will start at noon on Wednesday right here. And as always, if you want to see the pieces as they go up be sure to keep your eyes on my Facebook page. Hope to see you there! :)


Jenni said...

Oh My goodness, those are totally delectable!
I LOVE the yellow and pink.. WANT!
Will be back Wednesday!

For My Sweet Daughter said...

:'( I have a busy day at work on Wed at the salon.
I am wondering if the personal life has to do with the cute boys you posted on your fb page? Lol
I am in love with everything as usual.

Deborah said...

All very lovely. It will be interesting to see the designs that everyone comes up with using these pretties.

Anonymous said...

Not enough adjectives to describe these components! A+ Hope I can buy SOMETHING on Wed.

Lisa Staten

Malin de Koning said...

A song came up in my head:
"... let me tell you 'bout the birds and the bees ..."

Is it the one Harrison Fords sings in the film where he visits the Amish community?

So hence, now I am also thinking of Harrison Ford ...

redmink said... apology needed......we should all understand...if they don't then they have the perfect (boring) I am soooo guilty of not letting you know..I got my cherry blossem pendant and the peacock cab you pretty and so delicate..I am in awe.....any way I was sure yesterday was Wed(all day).....there fore I KEPT waiting for the posting to begin...then I thought I missed everything( and was a litte mad, at me) today...not mad ,disapointed, but will watch for more bees,Love Everything, but since my budget is so to try for my fave...and that is hard to have, a fave....also...thinking of you check out World Planking Organisation...on fb(spelled like that....Again thank you so are a sweet heart and I hope things slow a bit for you ...and me....Suzanne Edwards

mirsini's creations said...

I love them all so much! The colours and the details are amazing! If i had to choose it would be very difficult and i believe that your beads gives lot of inspiration!!!!
Kisses! :o)