Saturday, April 2, 2011

EXTRA Shop Preview - Update Monday!


Here's a quick preview of the Extra shop update that will take place on MONDAY at noon (EST). Some of you may recall these pretty flower pendants from a while ago. My friend, Lorelei, used one in a necklace that is now in Stringing Magazine (I believe, hope that is right) and I have had some requests so I made up a batch. They differ from the originals just a little, mostly because I couldn't really remember just how I did the originals. So this set has a different number of holes in different places, but it is basically the same thing.


Pretty cherry blossom pendants/connectors. They have three holes across one side which creates interesting design options.






And lastly, these are very ornate and fancy pendants. A little larger so they really make a great focal .

OK, that is all for now. It's a much smaller update than usual but I think it is a smashing little group of pretties.

Hope to see you in the Extra shop on Monday at noon! Now, I am off to bed. Had a good first day of the show and I am beat beyond words. Cannot wait to connect with my pillow. Sleep! Yay!


Kyllikki said...

These are gorgeous, Nancy! So Inventive!

Andrew Thornton said...

I never get there in time. Girl, your stuff is so good it's always sold out by the time I roll around all belatedly.