Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It was requested that I show this bracelet in its entirety (whatever L wants, L gets ;) so here she is.
It is really quite simple in design. I started with two of my porcelain rings and a pile of lampwork beads from Blue Seraphim. To coordinate with the toggle (that was the first part I made) I threaded sterling wire through each bead and balled up the ends. I then wove some copper wire through three beads and made two curved links that connect the two porcelain rings. A handforged copper ring (from E2SSupplies) was accented with a chunk of turquoise, attached to the bracelet and the toggle and it was done, done, done.

I've been wearing it ever since I made it. It's comfy and a keeper! :)


Lorelei said...

So creative, I love it!
I can see why you're keeping her! She's a real beauty!

Anonymous said...

it's lovely and unique, great work!

mairedodd said...

really so unique... one of the ones you must be really proud of... good for you for keeping it!

lilibulle said...