Friday, June 26, 2009

Pieces, parts and unanswered questions

Yesterday was spent in the studio. I tried to be motivated but it wasn't easy. Too many distractions and too much longing for a nap. I retrieved some fun things out of the kiln so it wasn't a total waste of a day and I did force myself to do some work. Even when I have zero motivation I can usually do mechanical, robotic, assembly-line type of mindless activity whether it's cleaning up pieces or glazing. But even though I appear to get a lot done it isn't the kind of gettin' it done that I would like.

Above shows a nice new batch of molds that I made last week. I am always adding to my collection. Some designs become favorites and others get pushed to the side. At this point I must have over 300 different designs made from all kinds of found objects. I love my molds. :)

This photo above shows some new connector links I am working on. I made them specifically to coordinate with Cindy Gimbrone's glass links for some pieces I am working on. I'm not sure if they will work just yet but they are a pretty cool shape so I am sure I can use them in some capacity and perhaps I will offer them in my Extra shop eventually.

And speaking of my Extra shop... I've had a lot of inquiries lately about whether or not I will be including certain pieces from my own jewelry line in the shop for other jewelry designers to use. Well, this is a tough question. I guess the simple answer is some yes, some no. There are certain pieces (like the dragonfly necklace above that was featured in the Summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry) that are signature pieces for me. I would like to keep them uniquely mine. But then there are other pieces that I make specifically for others, like the peacock bead that was also featured in BAJ. Someone asked about my cabochons from this post last week - yes, I will gladly make some cabs in various sizes if there is interest in them. Basically you guys just have to let me know what you are interested in and I will figure out whether or not I will throw it in the Extra shop. In the meantime, I will have some completed dragonfly necklaces in my RoundRabbit shop sometime in the next week. (If anyone is actually interested in the finished necklace and not just the focal beads. ;)


Anonymous said...

beautiful molds! i love your pieces!

i've tagged you if you are interested in participating; see my current post.


bellajoya said...

It was me that asked about the cabochons in the extras shop. Please let me know if you do plan on listing them, I would love to purchase one. Thanks!

Gardanne said...

I love those molds, can't wait to see the finished products. Keep those connectors coming I love to mix ceramic with my lampwork beads.

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Exquisite molds, Nancy. Such detail and the designs are lovely! I'm excited to see the ivory links with them!