Friday, May 1, 2009

Dabble in Mixed Media with Porcelain Blanks

As promised I have put together a tutorial on how to use my new porcelain blanks. This will give you an idea of just how easy creating your very own mixed media pendant can be and hopefully any feelings of intimidation that you might have had will disappear. Poof!

To start gather up a collection of pretty papers. Scrapbook paper works great as does Japanese Washi paper, vintage magazines... anything paper will do.

Pictured above are some of the simple supplies you will need. Mod Podge is my top choice of glue. Not only does it adhere but it also acts as a sealer which is pretty cool. Other supplies include: Spray sealer (this can be matte, satin or glossy - just depends on the look are going for), sharp paper cutting scissors, a brush to apply the glue, a pencil, a tool to smooth and burnish the paper with (I use a wooden pottery tool but any smooth tool will work, even the back of a spoon), a porcelain blank, a glueable bail and a chain.

After choosing your papers take the porcelain blank and trace the outline on the paper you want to be your background. I used the green for the background and then carefully cut around a little flower in the Japanese paper.

At this point I usually trim the background paper a little so that some of the edge of blank shows. I also round the corners a little, but that is just me. You can make it look any way your little heart desires!

Use your brush to apply a thin layer of glue to the paper and carefully center the piece on your porcelain.

Smooth the paper with your (clean and glue-free) fingers and then burnish the edges (and all over) to ensure that they will stick flat to the surface.

I then applied the little cut-out flower in the same manor.

After gluing down both pieces of paper the design looked a little boring to me so I got out my colored pencils and added a little spark. I filled in with some purple around the center of the flower and then outlined the entire flower in a darker shade of green. A simple touch but I think it really brings the design to life.

Once you are done let the piece dry completely. When dry take it outside and place on a scrap piece of paper or cardboard and spray lightly with the sealer. You can also just apply several thin layers of Mod Podge to the piece if you prefer but I like to get a nice even look that is achieved by spraying. Spray about three thin coats, allowing each one to dry in between.

Next you need to attach a bail of some sort. There are many excellent glueable bails on the market today so you certainly don't have to be limited in style. Pictured above are just a few that I had on hand. Many more can be found at Rings & Things. And if you are unable to order wholesale Delphi Glass has an excellent selection at very good prices. You can also find some on Etsy - try searching under tube bail or pendant plate.
To attach the bail I use E6000 Industrial Strength glue (which can be found at any craft shop) or Epoxy 330. Both are excellent so take your pick.

And here is the finished piece! See how easy that was? Truly. Anyone can do this, I promise! Any questions?

The finished necklace can be found in my RoundRabbit shop and the porcelain blanks can be found in my Extra shop. :)


Lorelei Eurto said...

Hey N! Cooool! Thanks for the tute!
It looks easy enough, I think I Could handle it. I'm mostly worried about adding my own spin on it so that it's not just like yours. For some reason my mind hits this brick wall when it comes to making one-of-a-kind LORELEI type pendants that don't mimic something someone else has already done. any advice?

Rosanne said...

Excellant instructions, Nancy.
I'm gonna give this a try sometime in the near future. Thanks!

Unknown said...

great instructions, thanks!
now, if I ever have enough time, I would really like to try that

amybluestar said...

Oh goodness, I love this.


jeweledrabbit said...

I just got caught up in here, and I love, love, love what you're doing with the porcelain blanks. I think the possibilities for decorating them are endless.

Dave Robertson said...

Awesome piece! So cool looking, yet...easy??? make! Thanks for this.

at Rings & Things

Diana said...

Thanks! I really appreciate your giving these instructions. Very kind of you. Hearted your shops so I can get some blanks. :)

Cindy said...

This is so how it turned out. You're so talented. Where did you find the bail that you ended up using for your sample? Did you cut it from sheet metal?

Anonymous said...

Those are so cool! Thanks for the great tutorial, I can't wait to try it!

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Love it! Where did you get porcelien blanks?

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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