Wednesday, December 7, 2011

And update is coming! Finally.

Porcelain bird necklace

Yep, it's been a loooong time since I checked in. Things are mostly back to something resembling normal in my little world. My house is finally heated which has done wonders to dry everything out. The mold seems to be taking a sabbatical, though I suspect it may return in the spring with warmer weather. We shall see.

In other news...I really need to get back to work. That has been difficult for several reasons, the primary one being that I am still without a kiln. The studio where I work now has two new kilns and two more on the way but due to some really big screw-ups we were sent the wrong amperage and now we will need some major electrical work done. I still am not able to order my own kiln due to some really big New York State screw-ups concerning rebates and flood relief. I won't go into it because I get so angry that I may start to pen my manifesto and plot the downfall of state government... I kid! I kid! (or do I?)
Anyhoo, the photo above shows my very first batch of components in progress.

Porcelain in progress

I must admit that it has been hard to get back to work. Before the flood I had built up a good momentum. It's a bit like chugging along in a train only to be derailed at top speed. (Yeah, I could have come up with a better analogy but after two glasses of wine I'm lucky I can spell analogy...) But I have prevailed and made a fun little batch of pieces!

Porcelain in progress

My friend Maryanne is firing the pieces for me in her studio which is a real lifesaver, though not entirely ideal. However! I will able to have an update on MONDAY!! It's been so long, I wonder if anyone will shop with me. I do worry about that. A lot.


I'll be sure to post a preview of the finished pieces hopefully by Saturday, so please stay tuned.

Porcelain and Sterling earrings

I haven't been entirely work-free. I've been keeping myself busy making jewelry with pieces I have in my stash. It's been so long since my focus was pointed in the direction of my own finished jewelry and I must say, I really miss it. My first love will always be making jewelry with my porcelain. I got the Etsy shop up and running again and have been listing lots of new pieces like these earrings shown above. I really enjoy making these extra long sterling ear wires.

Deco Starburst Porcelain Earrings

This is another favorite pair in one of my favorite rusty glazes.

Joan of Ark earrings

I love this pair, too! I call them Joan of Ark.

Porcelain rings

I've also brought back my adjustable and super affordable rings. It's been a while since I listed any, though I'm not really sure why. I need to get on the ball!

Porcelain dragonflies

I'll leave you today with some dragonflies.
Please visit my shop for some holiday shopping! :)


For My Sweet Daughter said...

got an ipad so I could shop from you when you finally got back to listing :-) Yay

For My Sweet Daughter said...

Okay that's not the only reason I got the ipad but I AM really excited you are back :-)

Round Rabbit said...

Haha! You are too funny. :)

adlinah said...

Love the finished jewelry. The rings are darling!

Elisabeth said...

Welcome back - your beautiful work has been missed. Maybe now I can be quick enough to get some before it all get's snapped up!

Marie Cramp said...

I don't think you need to worry too much. We all know what has been keeping you from us and we all await your return with anticipation! Your shop will empty faster than ever I'm sure of it! Glad to see you back in the swing of things!

sasha and max studio said...

Hey Nancy, of course we will all be back and shopping with you - we have all been waiting with anticipation! Vicki :)

cookingwithgas said...

work is the best way to get through this.
It looks like you are well on your way!

laurelmoon said...

I am SO glad that you are getting closer to resuming your art in full. :) That's awesome! Good luck with the wiring and kilns!!