Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Extra shop update tomorrow - Wednesday August 10th!

Porcelain jewelry components

Every now and then I make some new pieces that really get me excited. It's the kind of excited that makes me smile like a mental patient and makes people wonder what I've been smoking. Now THAT'S excited! These pieces have done that for me. I made them last week and felt rather clever after I did. I felt like I had invented the wheel. Sounds silly, and it is, it's just that I came up with a technique that I had never done before and it produced something awesome...therefore, I must have invented it! Ha!

Nope. I didn't. But it was a good feeling while it lasted.

Porcelain jewelry components

I am just thrilled to bits with the way they turned out! Hope you all like it as much as I do because I will be doing this technique A LOT. I have BIG plans for it... just giving you a warning.

Porcelain jewelry components

This is a sweet birdy design that I haven't used in years. Birds are always good, right? (and speaking of birds......keep your eyes peeled for a feathered friend surprise ambush in the near future....shhhhhhhh...not telling......)

Porcelain jewelry components

How fun are these? Pretty darn fun! They are a good size so they will work great as a focal, and you can make them extra sassy by dangling something fantastic from the center.

Porcelain jewelry components

These rings will be sold in matching sets. They are a little bigger than my usual rings so they will work for many different things...earrings, connectors, bracelet focal.... oh the possibilities!

Porcelain jewelry components

Some simple drop focals.

Porcelain jewelry components

Last up are these large pendants. They are super feminine and make me think of the beautiful women in John William Waterhouse paintings. I imagine one of them wearing a necklace made with this pendant. (Smoke another one, Nancy...)

Anyhoo. The update will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, August 10th at noon EST in my shop.
You can shop HERE
You can watch the pieces go up HERE

The pace may be a little faster then usual during this listing. I am going to try to have everything ready to go so expect it move right along. I hope! :)


Lupe Meter said...

These are beautiful! Love the colors, and textures!

Unique Hrebina said...

I really love your work...

peacockfairy said...

Very cool - love it all! I haven't been able to shop your updates in a while, so I'm hoping to snag a few pieces tomorrow.

Gardanne said...

Bring whatever you are smoking to beadfest, especially if it generates these results. Totally in love with the first pieces, I will try and be quick on the draw tomorrow.

Birgitta Lejonklou said...

They are all amazing and that new style that turned You one :) ( who need to smoke when we can create) is extra fantastic ... shabby chic and vintage looking jummie..wish I lived close to You to be able to peak into Your studio..xx

pam ferrari said...

Are you going to make the set in the first two pictures. I miss getting them. I like the one in the second photo bottom right side. Do you take orders for them? I would love to have one. Thanks

maria said...

Hey Nancy, you will have to make some more of these lovely favourite pendants! i tried my best to get one of them and unfortunately didn't manage... :(

Chrizette said...

Love the little birdies! Hope you don't mind if I feature them in my WISH LIST MONDAY meme next week?

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