Monday, June 27, 2011

EXTRA shop update tomorrow!!

Porcelain ribbon slide

I have a fab bunch of components for my Extra shop update which takes place tomorrow, Tuesday, at noon EST. First up is this batch of ribbon slides. The above photo shows how great they look in action!

Porcelain ribbon slides

They are a good size and would make excellent bracelet focals or even a choker.

Porcelain jewelry components

These fun little pieces could also be used as a ribbon slide, though I think they would be perfect as a pendant with chunky wire wrapped beads and fringe hanging off one end.

Porcelain jewelry components

These are small rings that will be sold in matching pairs. Perfect for earrings!

Porcelain jewelry components

I love these! They are a fun take on the classic donut.

Porcelain jewelry components

And lastly are these large pendants with a floral design. They have a slight Asian flavor going on... I could see them paired with satin cord and lacquered wood beads.

Join me tomorrow over at the Extra shop at noon EST! And as always, watch the pieces are they go up on Facebook. :)

Shipping Note: I am running a batch behind in my shipping (as I am sure many of you have noticed). Thanks so much for your patience!!


For My Sweet Daughter said...

I was getting worried about the last batch, lol. Not I have enough of your things to last for a year or more :-)

Can I please have that brown small ring set? Just sneak it into my order from last update no one will notice :-D

Deborah said...

I want the large pendants (all of them) :) I constantly run out of good things to say about your work without repeating myself but that is a a good thing. You always do wonderful work. Lovely colors and shapes.