Saturday, June 4, 2011

Extra Shop Preview! Update on Tuesday!

Porcelain hearts

Have you ever started making something only to get about half way in and suddenly find yourself thinking, "Why the hell did I start this in the first place?"

Pressing the porcelain

That was pretty much my thought process on this project. I started to stamp way-passed-its-expiration-date clay with an antique button. It seemed like a good idea - looked pretty cool right away - but as I began to lose feeling in my thumb and forefinger from pressing so hard and my ADHD mind began to think of all of the other things I could be doing... I suddenly hated what I was doing. Not entirely unusual for me. I get bored fast and kind of drive myself crazy with my own impatience. Soooo..... I stuck it out and stamped like a freak until the entire slab was covered.

Porcelain Hearts in progress

Then came the part where I could really waste the whole slab by cutting the pattern into something ugly. I figured I couldn't loose with hearts, right? So hearts it is!

Porcelain Jewelry Components

I must admit. I totally love these hearts. They are a little chunky, a little funky and whole lot of awesome! (Damn! I have real way with words, don't I ;)

Porcelain jewelry components in progress

Next up are these large button-inspired pieces. Lots of texture and holes going on.

Porcelain Jewelry Components

I'm thinking some wire wrapping, ribbon weaving, clusters of seed beads nestled here and there...

Porcelain Jewelry Components

These little links will be sold in matching pairs. Great for earrings or connectors.

Porcelain Jewelry Components

This design comes from my own jewelry line. I put a hole in each point to provide you with lots of draping, dripping and dangling opportunities.

Porcelain Jewelry Components

Last up are these Deco inspired pieces. I made the mold for this design from a piece I found during my last trip to NYC. It takes the glaze really well and they are big enough to be a focal.

So that's what I have to offer this time around. The update will take place in the shop on Tuesday, June 7th, at noon EST. As always, see the pieces as they go up on my Facebook page.

Hope to see you there!


For My Sweet Daughter said...

wah wah wah this is me crying because I have no internet access not even my phone on Tues. Stupid job! Everything is beautiful! I want one of everything!!
Shannon C

Lori Bowring Michaud said...

Love, Love, Love the Hearts Nancy!

Copper Diem said...

those hearts are super fantastic!!!

Malin de Koning said...

Hey Nancy, i love the hearts too, and the Deco ones are absolutely fantastic. Great to get to follow your process. I like it!!!

Elisabeth said...

I am always so blown away by your pieces Nancy - just incredible!

Anonymous said...

Hi, First, I love your beads and jewelry...but, I have a very hard time buying any of your beads listed on your Round Rabbit Extra sales or Big cartel sales because sometimes due to work I don't have access to the internet during the scheduled days and times or because once the sale starts everyone holds them in their cart and then, they're gone or the beads I do want to buy are gone too fast... Is there anyway you could have these sales at a different time like in the evening EST time or list a larger volume of some of your different beads on your etsy site for sale? Finally, I would love to see some of your other jewelry creations. I hope one day to own some of your pieces. They are so pretty.

Courtney said...

These all are stunning! I am on luv, luv!

Deborah said...

Love the stars and the Deco inspired pieces. Love the colors on those last ones. Yummy!!

sasha and max said...

Extreme love for the b+w hearts and the deco pieces, Nancy - you always are so innovative - love the patterns..! It will be 2am in Aust when its 12noon your way, so I'll just have to hope there are some lovelies left at 6am :)

Linnea said...


sandi m said...

Great collection!! Now if I remember to set my brain timer for Tuesday.

And Congratulations! on placing in Bead Dreams. Look forward to seeing your pieces on display when I'm at the show on Friday.

Paul Bozzo said...

Wow - the hearts are just too perfect! I like how the stamped patterns are random inside the heart shape. Well done - it it possible to have stamp envy? BEst.

Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Every stamp design in this shop update post is fabulous. Kudos to you. This is a great collection. I totally related to your experience of "why am I doing this".