Thursday, January 27, 2011


As many of you know I took a quick trip to NYC last weekend with a group of crazy bead-loving friends. We shopped like it was our job.

Tinsel Trading Co. was our first stop and I am still spinning from the visual feast.

This is the back of their dress form window display.

I wanted to take all of these mannequins home with me.

Especially this one....

Group photo op with a big mirror.

Walking to dinner... stopping to take in the view of the Chrysler Building.

A wonderful meal with great friends..... (that is Lisa Peters Russ with us! My new BFF!)

This is a display in Anthropologie. It has to be my most favorite display EVER!!

I mean, look at it!

Bunny candle stick holders. I wanted a whole army of these...

Pretty lights in our hotel lobby.

I just accidentally deleted my last photo which was a face-down shot taken in the hotel lobby and I am feeling far too lazy to fix it... so, I'll post it later.
Since I've been home I have been feeling a bit run down. Very little energy. And yet I had to jump immediately back into work. I spent all day Tuesday glazing and today I get to open up the kiln and see what kind of pieces I have to offer tomorrow. I played around with several new glazes and glazing techniques so I am really keeping my fingers crossed that they came out lovely and not not-lovely. I'll try to put up a preview later today. :)


Holly Knott said...

Love the pic of the lights! Looks like a wonderful trip. :-)

Lisa Peters Russ said...

Hello New BFF LOL! what a wonderful time I had with all the girls on saturday! cant wait to see you all again...everyone's photo's look great! Visions of NY that one normally doesn't see. Rest up and looking forward to seeing the new kiln beauties!

DalaHorse said...

Neat the bunny candlestick holders too...and that anthropology display is gravity defying...we have one here but never seen a display like that!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great photos! The trip looks so fun! Anthropologie looks awesome! What a feast for the eyes. ~Val

Aaron-Paul said...

5 women on a mission to shop! looks like you girlies had a great time,Im guessing you all returned home with your bags brimming with goodies! i agree what a fabulous display... :-)