Monday, September 6, 2010

Doing pretty

I'm busy working on some of my "staple" pieces for my upcoming shows. As some of you may know I have a pretty steady stream of shows from April through December. I rarely blog about them anymore. There is often very little to tell. Either a show was great, good, eh, or it sucked completely. This year has been a real blend of those things with highs (winning first place in the jewelry category in a juried show) and lows (having my car break down for good in a small town over two hours from my house). I'm finally at the point where I really don't stress myself out over preparing for shows. And for that, I am thankful.
September always feels like the beginning of the end; the last stretch of shows before the Winter break. I look forward to it in many ways and fear it in others. Those who make their entire living in the same way that I do will surely understand that.

As I make new pieces I find myself doing the opposite of what is expected in Autumn. I love the warm colors associated with this time of year but I'm not really one to feel the need to pander to them. I much prefer to be inspired by my glazes or the gorgeous color of these lemon yellow stones (can't remember what they are, anyone?). This necklace also has pale blue lace agate and tiny faceted rutilated quartz. I'm very happy with it and on this perfect, cool and sunny September day it seems to be quite at home despite it's light and airy colors.

I just found a small stash of these peacock beads, after I thought I had cleared them all out of my Extra shop. So I am trying to use them up to make way for new things. They are pretty, I will admit, and they always make lovely bracelets. Maybe I will miss them when they are gone....

Whatever. I can always make myself more. :)

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Spirited Earth said...

love that necklace..
ditto on the winter break..
always a little scary
but welcome too.

Pretty Things said...

GORGEOUS necklace!