Wednesday, February 3, 2010

60 is the new 70

So, yes, I have heat again. Hooray! It is amazing how much you miss something once it is gone, if even for only one day. Being cold sucks. I am usually cold, even when the heat is blasting and I have seven layers of clothing on. I sit at my computer wearing my fingerless gloves, sipping tea and mumbling complaints of coldness. But a funny thing has happened since my furnace bit the dust... I am now feeling very warm and cozy even at 60 degrees. This is big news for me. Perhaps I needed a day of total numbing cold to make my body think that 60 is the bee's knees. Anything above that I feel too hot. Weird.

Anyhoo, yesterday was spent in the studio making molds. I have quite a pile of buttons and other various mold-worthy things to get through so I started with around 30 and will do a little more each day. Tomorrow will be a glaze spectacular. Tonight might be a Bead Soup session. I have been mulling around some ideas for my gorgeous pile of beads but I haven't started anything yet. The deadline is approaching so I better get to work! How is everyone else doing with their Bead Soup pieces?


Lorelei Eurto said...

haven't even started yet! gah!
And i haven't read my book in days.
and i have to do some custom work.
and my taxes are looming.
i just want to crawl in bed and never crawl out until Spring.
that sound good?
you'll know where to find me.

Round Rabbit said...

Ha! Me too. I've been a real escapist lately. It's hard to force myself to work, but that's what I have to do. Ugh.

Kella said...

Glad you are all warm again, I am the opposite, I generally feel quite hot all the time except by the computer, I'm another fingerless glove wearing typing girl :)

Must admit I'm finished creating the bead soup challenge but now it sits there taunting me to change it but everyone I showed it too loves it so I'll try to resist interferring with it.

炫風 said...
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自己 said...
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Spirited Earth said...

glad you have the heat back on..
my bead soup is part way together..the easy part.
but i keep rearranging the rest..
deadline will be here soon..can't wait to see what we've all made

Pretty Things said...

I'm so sad I can't melt glass in my studio -- it has no heat! A/C, but no heat. Ah well. All my beads are inside, so that's good!

Love the photo of all those molds, waiting to be magic'd