Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New newsletter news

Some of you have already noticed the new addition to my blog sidebar. You guys are so observant! For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about... I have finally started a newsletter! You can sign up for it just by entering your name and email address (and then you have to confirm it by responding to an email). Easy peasy.

Why should you sign up?? Good question! Well, my goal is to offer special sales and discounts via my newsletter every now and then. These are deals that will only be available to newsletter subscribers. This will apply to both my RoundRabbit shop AND my RoundRabbitExtra shop - so jewelry buyers and jewelry makers alike will be happy happy happy!

If you have made a purchase from either one of my shops or if you have signed up at one of my shows you will automatically be on my mailing list. (Automatically - as in once I input over 2,000 email addresses - I guess that's what snow days are for...) Of course, you can still sign up now if you want - and it will save me from entering one more email address.;) Anyhoo, be sure to sign up to receive some Round Rabbit goodness.

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