Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rabbit me

This has been Petey's pose for the past few weeks. I think he is feeling a little crowded with all the bunny activity lately. The new rabbit (we named her Emma) is causing quite a stir even though the others haven't even seen her yet. They can smell her. And that is enough to send territorial, insane rabbits into a frenzy. Petey alternates from hiding under his blanket to sitting outside the bathroom (where Emma is living at the moment), at the door, like a crazed celebrity stalker waiting for an autograph. I will be moving Emma upstairs soon in an effort to hopefully restore some kind of order downstairs. Let's hope it helps.

In other news, I have been feeling a bit like Petey these days. I go from wanting to hide under the covers to running around a like a deranged freak. I'm in a bit of funk and it's not fun. I've always been a pretty good stress manager but lately (OK, read that as for the past five years) my ability to deal has been tested. Certain ongoing situations mixed with financial difficulties and my own workaholic-deny-everything creed makes for a rather unholy trinity. I know these situations are temporary and just knowing that provides some comfort, but the meantime is not friendly.

So, in times of feeling vulnerable and down I will turn to my virtual (imaginary?) friends. I want to thank everyone for the wonderful, encouraging comments that you make on my blog posts. I don't always respond but that doesn't mean that I don't read them and don't appreciate them. I truly do. And lately they have meant more than ever. So thank you. :)

(A special thank you to Lisa. I hope I can continue to inspire you and others to pursue the things you love. It isn't always the easiest road to take. But they say that nothing worth having comes easy. Your kind words lifted my spirits, so thank you. :)


SueBeads said...

Feeling that way, too, lately, so at least you know you are not alone! Your bunny pic is so cute!

Lorelei said...

Hang in there little rabbit. We're here if and when you need us. :)

Stephanie said...

Hi Nancy,

I've been reading your blog for awhile now. You are a real true inspiration and I look at all of your stuff with awe.... and I must say I feel the same way lately. Its as if you swear the camel's back should have broke 60 straws ago. argh! Soldier On!

And since I decided rain for the 5th day in a row has left me too depressed for words... I needed to shop for some treats in your shop. I finally got the owl color I wanted...kept missing them! Yay!

Its almost Friday!


Dani said...

And this too shall pass...

I hope you try and get your spirits up and running soon!! You are an amazing artist and life is extra special with you in it!!

Need to talk...give me a ring!!

Fire Phoenix said...

That is one cute bunny though!

SummersStudio said...

Big Hugs, Nancy. One day at a time.

Darcey said...


Just wanted to share some support! I found out about Etsy through your Flickr photos, and your success and beautiful work was part of what made me want to open an Etsy shop and try for myself!

Sometimes I get discouraged, and every time I do, I look at a few really successful jewelry shops on Etsy and think "Wow, it really is possible!", and that always makes me keep going. Your shop is on the list of ones I look at when I'm feeling discouraged. =) Your beautiful work and your amazing success are both so inspiring!


SharonP said...

Hi Nancy,

I just want you to know how much you have inspired me to pursue clay as an art form. I am now taking a pottery class and I love it.
Also, your jewelry of which I own several pieces, give me great joy wearing them and just looking at the wonderful glazes and colors.

Keep on truckin'! You are a beautiful person, inside and out!

Annette F. Tait said...

It's never quiet on the Rabbit Western Front!!

Arabella is separated from Wesley (please visit my blog to see them) - they have half the flat each - and everytime I go in to see Wesley, Arabella is there - her nose pressed up against the perspex on the rabbit-baby gate I built!

Rabbits are amazingly territorial and they never forget either!

Could it be likened to living in the same house as one's mother-in-law??

ps - you make beautiful items - keep your chin up!

Round Rabbit said...

Thank you so much to everyone for your words of support and inspiration. Every little bit helps, though I would hardly call your words little - they are huge and mean a lot to me. :)

jeweledrabbit/Maureen said...

You have my total sympathy. I'm no stranger to long-term stress either.

jeweledrabbit/Maureen said...

Do you do anything to help control your stress? Like meditation or yoga?

Andrew Thornton said...

I feel you about being in a funk of sorts. I'm in the same boat. I'm fighting desperately to be free of it, but I guess I just sort of have to roll with the punches. GOOD LUCK!