Sunday, March 15, 2009

Porcelain fruitloops for breakfast!

I just put these fun porcelain washers in the Extra shop. I made them with no real purpose in mind - just using up some scrap clay - but now as I play around with them I can think of a zillion things to do with them. I think they may have to make a guest appearance in my own jewelry. :)

I also wanted to thank everyone for their very supportive and encouraging comments about my new Sticks and Stone earrings. Your opinions mean a lot to me and I can't tell you how good it made me feel to read such nice things from such wonderful, talented people. :)

Have a great Sunday, everyone! I am off to the studio with work list in hand and a pot of green tea!


peacockfairy said...

Oh Froot Loops - my favorite!

Dani said...

I wanna eat them up!!

I love the sticks and stones earrings!!! I want a pair in the green/blck know the one I mean ;)!!!

jeweledrabbit said...

I can think of lots of things to do with these fruit loops too.

sharon said...

nancy, i linked on your blog thru peacock fairy, but i've seen your stuff on the abs, and it's awesome. i just love your porcelain ring jewelry components!!
and the fruit loops look like lots of fun jewelry making!