Monday, December 1, 2008

Reaching goals & saying thanks...

I came home from the studio sale yesterday to discover that I met my goal for November and had reached 700 sales on Etsy (701 actually). My goal for the end of the year is 900, but I think that might be a stretch. 200 sales in a month seems, perhaps, on the side of fantasy but a girl can dream, can't she?

I'll take this opportunity to thank all of my customers and blog readers. THANK YOU! I also want to mention those who have been kind enough to take the time and let me know how they found their way to Round Rabbit land. Many have found me via this blog. People as far away as Norway, Alaska and Turkey. I couldn't be happier that for some reason I have been able to hold the attention of total strangers and perhaps even entertain you all just a little.

Thank you, thank you. :)


Lorelei said...



you rock round rabbit.

Round Rabbit said...

Aw, thanks L.!

Andrew Thornton said...


J, T, R & R said...

We love you! We really, really love you!

Highland Fairy said...

Amazing...701 sales!!!
Congrats.....but then your work is gorgeous!
I'm sure you'll have no problem getting to your 900 by the end of the year missy!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal! 900 is a good goal, I'm sure you'll reach it.

I found you via the Art Bead Scene Flickr Group - love the work you post there.

Contrariwise said...

Awesome acheivement.

Wow, I can't even DREAM about having 200 sales in a month. I hope you get there!

Dani said...

Great job Nancy!! I could only wish for 700 sales!

It always amazes me who actually looks at my blog...Japan, Switzerland etc!

Reaching out to the world one art at a time!

Go 2009!!

Round Rabbit said...

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone! As for my goal of 200 sales this month - well, I would be amazed if I reached even half of that! If I actually reached my goal I might pass out cold. :)

Patricia said...

Congratulations Nancy!

Speaking of...I think I'll take a look at your shop right now since I still want to buy a thumb ring (finally figured out my size) and I love the birds you recently made.

I'll help push those sales over the top... ;-)

noricum said...

Congrats! I found your store via flickr, if I haven't mentioned that before. (I bought some of your fantastic square buttons.)