Saturday, November 29, 2008

A look at the past...

It's been a while since I have posted some antique photos from my collection. As always be sure to click on the images to see them up close and personal.

First up, above, we have Dot and Helen. Not only are they adorable in their Mary Janes and giant bows, but they are each holding a bunny! Does it get any better?? Little Helen even has her hand on a toy rabbit down by her feet to further highlight her love of rabbits. I have a feeling that these two little girls grew up to be great bunny advocates (not to mention outstanding mavens of fashion). Notice the Easter baskets by their sides. (psst! please never give a rabbit as an Easter gift)

Next up is young Harold. His name was written on the back of the photo along with his age, one year. I love the fact that he is pointing at the camera. He shows a lot of spunk for a little boy with a bad bowl haircut, fancy button up shoes (which I LOVE) and a pretty white dress. Rock on Harold!

Above is a lovely scene on the beach. At first I though this was an image of a young mother and her children but after examining her outfit (I have several other photos with her) I think that perhaps she is a nanny. If anyone has any insights on this please feel free to chime in! Anyhoo, it is a wonderful image. I bet the older boy and the doggy took off running the second this photo was shot.

This last photo is one I purchased for no reason other than that incredible curtain that hangs behind the family. It is covered in butterflies! And that makes me happy. :)


Stacey said...

Those are lovely photos, the first one could not be more perfect!!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

I love the old photos and the stories you have for them. I was gifted a huge box full of old photos but very few of them have names on the back. After searching through them, I found three that I recognized - the farmhouse I grew up in and my aunts and uncles! What a treasure! I'm glad you take such wonderful care of your pictures.

Round Rabbit said...

That is so wonderful, Cindy! I am constantly looking for photos of my house, especially interiors. It's an 1870s Victorian and I would love to see how it looked back in the day. We have managed to find a few outside shots which was pretty exciting, but I will never give up digging around at local actions and antique shops hoping to find more. :)