Sunday, October 5, 2008

Books books everywhere!

For the past two days my driveway has played host to a charity books sale benefiting the Happy Tails No Kill Animal Shelter. This is the second year we've had this sale at our house, which is a pretty dangerous thing for a book junkie such as myself. :)

If you are looking for any titles in particular just leave me a comment and I'll see if it's out there. And if you happen to live in the Owego, (not Oswego) NY area drop on by (on Front Street - across from the river).


Fab Fibers said...

What a lot of books! Do you sell most of them and what do you do with the ones you don't sell?
And a very worthy cause too. I would so love to be a foster family for dogs, can't quite talk hubby into it though...I think he's afraid I'd keep them all!

Round Rabbit said...

So many books were donated this time around that they will probably save the remaining ones for a sale in the spring. The shelter is raising money so that they can buy a large farm property to house all their animals.

Fostering is a wonderful thing - but I would end up keeping every animal that came through my door. :)

laurelmoon said...


I've been very sad--the local library here that has fantastic used book sales has been undergoing remodeling for a couple years, and I haven't been able to indulge in my book mania.

Looks great, and I hope you did well!

Highland Fairy said...

WOW....wish I could be there to look through those books!!!
Great cause too!

Samy St Clair said...

What a great idea for a great cause. I wouldn't be able to control myself here!