Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another glamorous day in the life...

It's been a strange week. Every now and then particles of the past trickle in and make me wonder just what the universe is trying to say. Not that the universe has much to say, especially to me. I'm not really a believer in a chatty universe so I guess I have to attribute everything to coincidence.
I heard from an old friend yesterday who once told me (at the young age of 22) that life consisted of meeting people, discovering their insanity, and moving on to the next person. I laughed when he first told me his theory but it stuck in my head and has since proven to be based in truth. I wonder how many people have figured out my insanity... (don't answer that)

The early part of my day was spent in the studio. I did a lot of sanding (note the attractive mask) and a lot of staring into space. I have many shows coming up and I am low on just about everything so, logically, I want to reupholster a chair. (Paul snagged me a really cool one at an auction last week and I am dying to make it pretty) But I digress. I need some of that focus stuff I've heard so much about...

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The Noisy Plume: said...

Oh life is one giant distraction as well:) Take, for instance, the fact that I should be filling orders today when I'm going to fire up my kiln instead and do a bit of enameling.


I can't help it if my creative mood is flowing in the opposite direction of what needs doing!