Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend update

I took this photo (above) on Saturday just moments before a much needed nap. Saturdays are always tough days. Getting up at 4am, driving the one and a half hours to Syracuse to work the Farmers' Market, unpacking-setting-up-tearing-down, lunching at Paul's mother's house and then driving the one and a half hours back home - "ugh" would be an understatement. I usually take a short nap before we eat late in the afternoon and this week I decided to capture my overjoyed look in the mirror before passing out.

The market berry of the day: Currants!

Sunday, as usual, was spent in the studio. I worked like a freak but didn't even get close to getting everything done. I was on duty as an assistant for open workshop hours so that cut into my own work time quite a bit. But I can't complain. I am a lucky lucky girl to work in such an awesome studio. I will happily mix up truck loads of smelly yellow salt glaze, proceed to dump half of it all over my feet and even manage to get it in my hair just to gain experience in the studio.

I glazed my faceted bottles (below) and will fire them tomorrow. They looked so lovely in their naked state that I hesitated to glaze them at all. But color won out (as it always does) so I glazed them in my favorite matte aqua. It is a great glaze that doesn't clobber fine details so I am hoping that the facets will still look like facets after the firing. :)


Becca said...

those bottles are cool. i may have said it before, but i sooo admire clay artists.

did my first show today and totally understand about the tiredness of unpacking-setting up-tearing down. and i didn't have to drive 1.5 hrs to get there. your pic says it all.

Morrgan said...

Lovely, lovely bottles. I hope all goes well with the firing!

Highland Fairy said...

that's early!
no wonder you needed a nap!
Your bottles do look fab without colour...but I look forward to seeing them aqua!