Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday in pictures...

Driving through Syracuse, NY on the way to the Farmers' Market - 6:15 am.

It is sunflower season!

Darn tasty Pappardelle's pasta - and check out those sexy sneeze guards!

Driving home after a windy but worthwhile day. My friend Mustard Greens is sitting in the passenger seat. He refused to wear his seatbelt.

A gorgeous old barn. One of many along this back road route.

Home by 3:00 pm.


Lorelei said...

It's so cool to see pictures of places I've seen and been. Remember when that building at that intersection in Owego was Newbury's?? It had a second floor and was soo cool as a kid.

Round Rabbit said...

The other side of the building has the very awesome Newburys sign still. I remember a pet store upstairs. I also remember having to make an emergency stop there after I had an "accident" in the car. I was around 4. I got some new clothes out of the deal. Ah, the power of peeing your pants! ;)

High Desert Diva said...

Love the sunflowers!

Susan said...

Your recounting of your dishevelment at the hot hot Farmer's market made me laugh out loud so hard I peed my pants and got a new outfit. Newberry's in Ithaca is one of MY favorite memories, too, especially the lunch counter. Miss you, Miss!