Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Saturday catch-up...

I am running being with the blog this week, I apologize! The studio where I work as an assistant has its annual Spring sale this weekend so I have been busy doing last minute firings and trying to get some new pieces finished. All while keeping a smile on my face as students ask me to "please fit my pot into the kiln because I need it for the sale" - when a dozen or more people are all asking for the same favor I start to get cranky.

Anyhoo, these photos are from last Saturday at the Farmers' Market. The word of the day was FLOWERS. Flowers were everywhere and it was so temping to go crazy and buy everything. I kept reminding myself that it is just a little too early for this part of Upstate NY to do any major planting just yet so I appeased my need with the lovely shrub shown above. It is called a Moonlight Broom and it attracted so many people into my booth, I felt like I should put it on the payroll. Paul found the cool vintage hand painted Mother's Day sign which completed the booth's look for the day.

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